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Page history last edited by Oliver 10 years, 1 month ago

Scions of Nathas


Hello Players.


This wiki is to help you access information on the Scions of Nathas game and also to record your adventures. Don't forget that you can get administration rights to this wiki by dropping me an email and asking. Please feel free to add your own stuff to this wiki. Just don't delete anything already here.


Things I'd love for you to add:


Open for comments:

  1. Proposed Mechanism for teaching larger groups


Gendo's Odd Ideas:

  1. Developmental Aims 
  2. Glass Making 
  3. The way forward in Religious and Social Culture? 
  4. Social Revolution 
  5. Governance 


Florus' Ideas on education

  1. Youth Education
  2. Paladin Training Program 


There is a sidebar over on the right hand side of the page that you can use to navigate around, don't feel limited by that, if you want new pages, I can provide (or you can do it yourself). Want a page for newly invented spells, no problem. A page listing speculations on Dwarven politics, go ahead. A page for Goblin tribal tattoos, if you really must.



NOTE: The 'Viking' themed photos have been lifted from Flickr from the (excellent) work of member Hans S.




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Shiroboshi said

at 5:45 pm on Mar 5, 2013

And here, for everyone's amusements, is a new(ish) webcomic (from the PvP guys) about roleplaying. Not quite as funny as Dork Tower but nonetheless...


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